Sunday, June 12, 2011

Inappropriate food

So it has been well documented on my blog that I don't cook.  I often graze on what ever is in my cabinets and frigid when I am left to fend for myself.  I also do not know when it is inappropriate to eat days old leftovers or food that is past it's stamped sell by date.  Mr. Pony does a lot of sniffing of food for me.  I admit that a few times I have poured milk in my coffee only for him to open the frigid a few hours later, sniff and proceed to dump out the carton.  This usually gives me an immediate stomach ache, but no real illness yet...

Well the other day I had a delightful night having sushi with a friend.  We had a few pieces left so I decided I'd bring them home for Mr. Pony.  I usually bring him leftovers even though he scoffs at them, but some how they disappear every time.  Either he is eating them or I have a sleep walk/eating issue.  (I am okay with both of these scenarios.)  Anyway, I left the doggie bag in my car.  Mr. Pony found it the next day and left it on our counter to remind me of my forgetfulness.  I came home and dumped it in our compost bin.  When he saw the open container with no sushi he thought I ate it.  Can you believe that?

I can too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Contents of my pocket

I lost my wallet.  Well, I actually don't have a wallet or purse but I lost the contents that would usually be in a wallet.   No weird charges have been made on my account.  Correction, no weird charges that I didn't make are on my account, so I guess I will have to start cleaning.

All recent pockets have been checked, my closet is clean, but still no wallet contents found.  I did find $23 so I am going to head to the coffee shop.

I returned from the coffee shop and averted a crisis.  My pile of money and plastic cards were hiding under my "to be recycled" items on my kitchen counter.

I can't believe I wasted all that time cleaning my closet.

I don't need a wallet right?