Saturday, December 19, 2009


David Foster Wallace - "A Democratic Spirit is one that combines rigor and humility, i.e. passionate conviction plus a sedulous respect for the convictions of others." 

Can we all agree that having cancer should not be a reason for a person to fill for bankruptcy?  Our healthcare system is broken.  I have certain insurance because I have a certain job.  If I come down with a certain disease I can cerntainly not get insuranced if I leave my certain job.  Certainly this is bullshit.

No Republican voted for the healthcare bill.  Republicans did not offer a viable alternative to the democratic bill.   Their vote seems to hope for failure of the democratic bill, so they can get elected.  Where is the "Democratic Spirit?" 

Dem.  Sen. Nelson your conviction that you do not want the government to pay for aboration sounds legit until you also get additional money for your state out of the deal.  Are you against the government paying for an abortion or do you really want additional money for your state because you want to get re-elected.  You are a fuck too.  Did you fight to oppose the government paying for viagra?  Fuck you.

Our government is supposed to be our government.  Yes you are red and I am blue, but we all Americans.  There needs to be more Purple.

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