Sunday, May 2, 2010

India - Things I miss

1. Sari shopping

I hate shopping, which is why most of my clothes were purchased by others.  On the weekends I usually wear the same outfit all weekend.  If I didn't have a job I would probably only have one outfit.  Damn you necessities.

Our sari shopping experience began as we entered into a store of color.  We were lead to a comfortable couch as our sales staff removed their shoes to start the show.  We sat sipping ambrosial tea while beautiful fabric was flung in the air before us.  As the fabric floated to the ground I had a childlike sense of happiness.  The vibrant colors laying atop each other captivated me as fabric continued to fly above our heads.  When the show was completed we each pointed to our piece of the rainbow.  One size fits all (for real).  No changing rooms.  No need to face yourself in a mirror with a strange, awkwardly fitting garment on your body. It's my kind of shopping.


I have been back from India for 3 months.  I have found it difficult to express my experience.  They only word I have come up with is overwhelming.  People usually ask if it was overwhelming in a good way or a bad way.  I respond with just overwhelming.  I will force myself to write for the next week about my experience before even more of it has been lost.

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