Friday, May 7, 2010

India - Things I miss

2.  TEA

I knew tea before I visited India, but I didn't know how great tea was until India gave me the full introduction.

Our first day in India we arrived late at night to our home base, Siliguri, India.  The jet lag was heavy.  We all succumbed to slumber early.  Mike and I awoke early the next day.  Our waiters were marvelous, but there was a language barrier.  The easiest thing to order was tea.  The tea was the best I ever had.  I drank 5 cups that morning.  Nice to meet you tea.  Is it to early to say I love you?

We were in tea country and as luck would have it our gracious host's family had a tea estate.  We spent a peaceful day meandering through the tea garden.  It ranks among the calmest days of my life.  It was a joy to walk the grounds.  Drinking tea in a tea garden is surreal.  I recommend it to everyone.

We were spoiled.  The tea was amazing, but as we traveled west ordering tea did not mean we received "tea."  You see we were all tea snobs now.  We had sipped tea in an actual tea garden.  Just because a tea bag has the Taj Mahal on it does not make it Indian tea.  We were aghast.  How could they serve us a tea bag when I ordered Darjeeling tea.  Should I send it back?  Thinking about it now I guess expecting great tea in Rajasthan is like expecting amazing oysters in Wisconsin. 

I miss drinking tea in India.  I miss my morning cup of tea (or 5) with my two Mikes

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