Monday, March 7, 2011

Todd "I'm going to skip that word" Stroger, hooray!

Oh Todd Stroger.  I remember the first time a saw your pretty face.  You were on television being accused of having your employees campaign for you during work hours.  You eloquently corrected that silly reporter.  Go Todd!  Then that sneaky report started snooping around.  Jerk!  As he walked out of your office he saw your employee stuffing envelopes with your campaign letters.*  Obviously she was on a break!  (I screamed that my television.)

Remember when you were talking about the important food desert issue?  That was awesome!  Someone put together the attached video so the world could hear your speech.

I was really afraid the "media" wouldn't cover any more of your adventures, but I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my Chicago Tribune this morning -

Todd you are wonderful.  Keep up the good work.

*I don't recall exactly what happened, but it was really similar.

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