Sunday, February 13, 2011

Food I get to eat

I live with an amazing cook.  I eat really well, unless of course I have to fend for myself.  Left on my own I usually eat a handful of cereal, a piece a cheese, a couple of pickles and whatever else I can find to graze on.  

Thankfully I was not left to fend for myself.  Dinner tonight was stew, made from veal stock that was simmering on our stove all day yesterday.  The brown rice, black beans and hominy was left over from last night's build your own taco bar.  Goat and collard greens were added to the left overs and veal stock.  

I poured the wine myself.


  1. The taco bar was amazing! Thanks again (Mike) for outdoing even Sizzler in the make-your-own smoregasbord category.

  2. taco bar was yummmm-mmmmy.

    also, you did a great job on that wine.